Chicago Cross Cup #2, #3 2017

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Little brake after Chicago Cross Cup #2 but coming back to my posting. So lets start with #2 at Hopkins Park, perfect day great weather. Of course didn’t ride course before but get some advices from Tony and star warmup. Saying few “Hello” to guys from Cat 3 Specially to Piter (you know second Polish guy at whole Chicago Cross Cup :)). My legs are not in best shape this Cyclocross season but trying my best, I got really good start which took me to top 8. After 2 laps I started slowing down little bit but still giving my 100%. 6 laps was definitely long race, last lap with Brandon who give me really hard time (Thank you) and he took one place from me at finish line. 18th is two positions better than Chicago Cross Cup #1 loosing 1:56 to winner.

Chicago Cross Cup #3 2017

Chicago Cross Cup #3, 1 hour drive to Dan Ryan Woods, to meet all those great people again. Same story picking up number, worming up, saying hello to many people and getting to start point. Spuriously starting in first row! Lets be honest in want help much, but at least giving me go position to start. This time hilly course with 3 nice uphills and one fast downhill in forest. Loosing little time every lap and finishing at 16th position (best this season). Taking good recovery week and see you at Carpentersville!

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