Heart rate monitor

is a great device which most of us use, the prices are quite low and the benefits of watching our heart rate can be very high. Does it tell us something or show just numbers of heart rate ? That’s a good question. I know a lot of people that have a heart rate monitor or power measurement but really do not use it.

Every person is different and everyone should know there capabilities. It can be done using a simple test that is very authoritative and popular namely, the time trial for 20 minutes. This will allow us to determine the Functional threshold Power (FTP) which is the most vital values in endurance sports. This value can largely be to train in contrast to VO2 max, which is largely dependent on our predispositions. Our average heart rate in 20 minutes time trial (or power decreases about 5 %) is roughly that of our FTP. Based on this threshold, we can determine our zone to determine trainings.

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Zone 1: Recovery                                  < 68% FTHR                < 55 % FTP
Zone 2: Endurance                             69 – 83% FTHR         56 – 75 % FTP
Zone 3: Tempo                                    84 – 94% FTHR           76 – 90 FTP
Zone 4: Threshold                              95 – 105% FTHR         91 – 105 FTP
Zone 5a: VO2 max                                > 106% FTHR         106 – 120 % FTP
Zone 5b: Anaerobic capacity                     N / A                121 – 150 % FTP
Zone 5c: Neuromuscular Power               N / A                           N/A

It already is a very big clue about our body and the area in which they currently are. In the future, we examine closer each zone individually. I would recommend each person to take a TEST, to better understand your body and its possibilities. In the near future, I will describe how to perform such a test.


  • Szymon Łukasiewicz says:

    When in practics the zone 5b or the 5c are being used?

  • Cyklopedia Cyklopedia says:

    Mostly during short races like criterium, on track, also during break aways, attacks or finishes.
    It is very important to improve your possibilities in those zones.

    • Szymon Łukasiewicz says:

      But not too often during trainings, yes? tommorow im going to practise some intervals riding uphill. Should i apply some of these zones? Or Just ride in 5a zone at most?

  • Cyklopedia Cyklopedia says:

    It really depends, what is your current level and what are your goals. You should not go longer than 8 min in VO2 max and about 3 min max in Z5c.
    Most important zones are Z4 and Z5a but still you cant do it to much do avoid overtrain.

    • Szymon Łukasiewicz says:

      Ok thanks for tips, today i have actually so bad weather so unfortunatelly no riding for today… but i will start as soon as it possible and checking my heart rate, i think i need time to enquire something about my rate and after it start planning my trainings more precisely. But it is good to know that i should not go longer than 8 minutes in VO2 MAX etc.

  • Cyklopedia Cyklopedia says:

    No problem, this is very useful test https://cyklopedia.cc/the-20-minute-test/ than you can set zones and start training plan.

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