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February 18

Best Car for Cyclists 2K17 Chicago Car Show

Best Car for Cyclist? Chicago Car Show is one of the biggest in the world,…
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February 17

The Official Unofficial Illinois State Goldsprint Championship 3

My first race this year! So much fun 🙂 just enjoy final. Thanks to Chrome…
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Training & Tips

February 25 in Training

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor is a great device which most of us use, the prices are quite low and the benefits of watching our heart rate can be very high. Does…

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July 8 in Training

New FTP!

New FTP, most important number for cyclist, that is why you riding hundreds of hours, after about 15 weeks I increase my FTP about 12W! It is super news and…

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June 20 in Training

Evanston Group Ride 06-19-16

Another group ride in Chicago area, one of my favorite stars at 1549 Sherman Ave, Evanston on 8:00 AM Sunday. I did some extra miles yesterday trying to make my workout longer…

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February 23 in Training

Example of the base week

We have many people in February who begins their workouts. Depending on the weather some people go outside, another take “Tour de Basement”. I would like to take a look on example of…

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February 10 in Training

When to stop intervals?

When to stop intervals? Intervals Average Drop in Power 20 min. 3 – 5 % 10 min. 4 – 6 % 5 min. 5 – 7 % 3 min. 8 –…

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January 6 in Training

The 20-minute test

How to set your FTP or FTHR ? You do not need expensive laboratory tests. Very good way is to make 20-minute test which can give you very estimated results. Why…

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