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Let's plan for your main event. Power and heart rate analysis allow us to achieve the best results. Training plans from Cyklopedia are crafted individually for every athlete.

Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Damian; I’m a racer, recreational rider, cycling coach, and the owner of Cyklopedia. All in all, I am addicted to the whole world of cycling.

I began a couple of years ago as a local cyclist trying to train locals. With the goal of being a professional cycling coach, I started Cyklopedia, to help cyclists with busy lives and limited training time become stronger, faster, fitter and healthier. After gaining more professional skills and seeing the need to expand my coaching services, Cyklopedia was officially born. We are a new brand on the US market with the aims of instituting the European cycling culture in the United States with our experience working with athletes at every level. We start with expertise earned across Europe and a third level USA Cycling coach’s license. At first, we started by running a single page website. After sometime it was further developed to a full and proper website and allowed people to start using it, and we’ve been a moving train ever since. Currently our headquarters is situated in beautiful Chicago, however, we coach internationally and have another strong group in Poland. Our goal is to achieve maximum results, focusing on ride quality over ride quantity.

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Our Training plans are based on the methods of Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, plus our own experience and effective cooperation with athletes across the world.

My coaching principles are being motivated by the overall understanding of the human physiology. Like any coach with great motivation and experience, I’ve studied and understood the standard research on training with power and heart rate. But what sets me apart is the time I’ve spent in a lab witnessing firsthand how to apply a training stress to achieve a specific result. My coaching plans and cycling training aren’t the results of a generalized formula applied to everyone. We believe every athlete’s physiology and personal cycling concerns are unique.

Training plans based on the methods Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, plus our own experience and effective cooperation with athletes in Poland and the USA.

Actively taking part in races road cycling, track cycling and cyclo-cross. All the time we build experience and constantly learn.

Every person, regardless of past training, can train with us. We adapt to customer needs, the possibilities of time, the possibility of physical condition, and then we set goals. To each person, we devote as much time as is needed. Our only requirement is the ability to receive files from workouts.

This allows us to exact analysis of strengths and weaknesses and the analysis of the current condition of the athlete. We use the best tools for collaboration with the clients, among others, training peaks. Each person training with us, receives a free premium account for the full convenience and comfort.

We hope it will meet your expectations 100 %.

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