Race Ready Cycling Training Plans

Cycling Training Plans

Cycling training plans for beginners and advanced cyclist. Training plans from Cyklopedia are crafted for specific events.
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Race Ready Criterium Plan for Beginners


Yes! It is the first FREE.

This training plan is created specifically to prepare for criterium racing in Cat 4 and 5 which is 30 min long. A training plan can be used as preparation for the racing season. It will improve your endurance, ability to ride in high-intensity zones and increase your maximum power.

Race Ready Criterium Training Plan is built with 4 weeks blocks, 3 weeks training load and 1-week recovery. It includes workouts in all zones up to 3 hours in duration.

Duration: 12-weeks with the race last week.
Average week: 5 hours.
Longest week: 8 hours.

The plan is base on power zones with detailed descriptions.

First FREE Cycling Training Plan for Beginners

First free Cycling training plan for beginners