Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels. Part bike ride, part madcap scavenger hunt. All you need is a bicycle, a lock and a bag! This event is FREE, but you'll need some bucks to purchase items along the way.
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Cranksgiving is a national event that occurs in over 100 cities across the United States and Canada to help donate food and household items to families that can’t afford to have a Thanksgiving. Donations will support Marillac St. Vincent Family Services. Pedal the streets and trails of your city as you search for specific items that are most needed at The Marillac House’s west side food pantry. Visit for more locations. (There’s even another in Chicago this year!)

Chicago’s 2023 (Westside) Cranksgiving will feature different categories to satisfy all flavors of folks who want to ride a bike and/or do good in our city. Day of and advance monetary donations are also accepted (see below). Aside from the fact that every participant in this event is a winner, there will be prizes and recognition to a variety of people for their prowess beyond simply the fastest, but those fast folks do get their moment too.

The first category, TIME, requires riders to stop at a minimum number of specific grocery stores and collect a minimum number of food/household items in the fastest time possible. They will choose their own route to each grocery store location, and hold onto their receipts as proof.

The second category, POINTS, awards riders different points for different items purchased. Points are available at all grocery stores, but some locations will have higher points than others. Again, riders choose their own route and keep the receipts, however, instead of minimum items bought and stores traveled to, there is a time cutoff after which, there will be no new points awarded.

The third category, LAPS, has riders going to a nearby store and back. They will go fast, turn left, and only buy one type of an item at a time (multiples okay), then bring it (them) back to the start, and grab a different item(s) on the following lap. Same start and cutoff time as the points category.

The fourth category, MOB, will be somewhere between a short group ride and a family holiday parade on bikes, or critical mass going to the market. Everyone rides together at a party pace along a designated route, stopping to use all of the monetary donations received to buy more food, ultimately finishing at the Marillac House to donate everything directly.

Multiple-category racing is allowed.

The MOB will start after the cutoff time for the other categories to allow every worn-out racer, volunteer, small child, or elderly passerby to join in the fun before and after that cutoff.


Registration/check-in opens at 10:30 am at Let’s Roast cycles
Coffee and carbs are available to pump you up
The timed race begins at about Noon
Time, Points and Laps will stop being counted after some time…
Ride a lot or not
Lots of ways to win prizes!
Tires! Beer! Donuts! More!


But, you do need to bring your own money to purchase donation items along the way
Expect to spend around $20-$30 in the timed race
Points and Laps can be as chill or as speedy and spendy as you like.
You won’t spend a dime in the MOB category

Win in your heart and ours