Be the Winner in Your Next Race
It's Time For a Cycling Coach!

Everyone Could Improve Their Fitness

but there is a problem...

Training Plan is not crafted for your needs


You do to much or not enough work to be able to progress


You waste your time on workouts that are not for you

Cyklopedia has everything to help you overcome your problems and become better cyclist.


Our Solution to Your Problems

Crafted Plan

We do craft training plan base on your fitness level and previous experience with cycling and other sports. Knowing your “life schedule”, we are able to create a plan that will fit your work and family responsibilities.

Long term planning helps you with keeping motivation high, enjoying cycling whole year long.

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Communication is a key in Cyklopedia. You can always reach out to your coach about changes in your schedule or about how you feel.

The relationship between athlete and coach allows to get to know better each other and come up with a balanced training plan which will allow you to progress.

Fatigue Profile protocol for VO2 Max zone


By knowing you better and better every month, your plan is focusing on reaching out to your goals. If it is your first 100 miles ride or next criterium race, Cyklopedia is here to support you.

Every workout is planned to get you closer to your goals.

Fatigue Profile protocol for neuromuscular power

Your Plan to Become Faster

01. Contact Us

Leave us a message we will reach out to you and talk about your needs.

02. We Make a Plan

Connect with our coaching account so we can review your workouts.

03. You Get Faster

We craft the plan to your life, mange your training load and recovery time.

Get Ahead of Others!

Custom Workouts

22 workouts to boost you performance. Download for free and start using today.

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Helping Athletes All Around The World

Put balance into your training plan. The imbalance between training load and recovery is what stops you from improvement. We help more than 5000 people every month with our training and nutrition tips.

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How is Cyklopedia Helping Others

How Cycling Coach Can Help You

At Cyklopedia we know you are the kind of people who want to be fast cyclists. In order to be that way, you need to work with a cycling coach. The problem is that you don’t have a training plan crafted for your needs, which makes you feel that you are not improving. We believe that no one should be dealing with a lack of structure and time. We understand what’s mean to overtrain, physically and mentally. That’s why we work with athletes all around the world. Here’s how it works, you contact us, connect to our coaching account and we create training plan for you. So you can start working with a coach, so you can stop worrying about being stuck in one place and start getting faster.

Coach Damian, Founder of Cyklopedia.