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Now, Tell Me, Which Cyclist Are You?

I’m Here to Help You, Remember, You Got to Be Honest.

I can’t do it alone cyclist

“I know all what it takes but I lack accountability and persistence to reach my goals”

The self-doubting cyclist

“I’m worried about my next event and I am not sure I’d be able to move an inch in the race”

Doing it the wrong way cyclist

“I overtrain and I see no progress. I am frustrated. I will definitely lose the race!”

Have no fear, We’ll take care of it.

I’m coach Damian, and I fully understand your frustration because I have been there before. I learned the hard way but you don’t have to. I am here to help you reach your dream.

Over 10 years of cycling on the road, track, cyclocross, and MTB.

Passionate and winning-driven coach.

4000 cyclists are using our workouts.

Helping 10000 people every month.

A professional team that will level up your performance like never before.

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Monthly BASIC Membership

  • Monthly phone call
  • Weekly planning
  • Weekly emails
  • TSS planing

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Monthly PREMIUM Membership

Includes a training plan to get ready for racing and group rides.

  • Weekly planning
  • Unlimited communication
  • TSS planing
  • Race-ready plan
  • Everyday adjustments
  • Annual plan

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Now, How Do You Want Your Story to End?

Yes, I want to work with a coach to level up my performance and be the cyclist I’ve always wanted to be?


I don’t want to win my next race. I will leave winning to someone else.

How Cycling Coach Can Help You

At Cyklopedia we know you are the kind of people who want to be fast cyclists. In order to be that way, you need to work with a cycling coach. The problem is that you don’t have a training plan crafted for your needs, which makes you feel that you are not improving. We believe that no one should be dealing with a lack of structure and time. We understand what’s mean to overtrain, physically and mentally. That’s why we work with athletes all around the world. Here’s how it works, you contact us, connect to our coaching account and we create training plan for you. So you can start working with a coach, so you can stop worrying about being stuck in one place and start getting faster.

Coach Damian, Founder of Cyklopedia.