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Cyklopedia Cycling Coach. Most advanced cycling training plans for beginner and advanced cyclists. Get free training analysis, workout's examples and training plans to become a faster and better cyclist. Start being a competitive cyclist.

22 Workouts to Boost Your Performance
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If you are here, we believe you love Cycling.


Are you ready to take your cycling to the next level?

Unlock your potential as an athlete. The Cyklopedia – Cycling Coach provides you with genuine cycling tips and coaching to make you the athlete you deserve to be. We give you cycling workouts which aid in building your body and mind so you can take your fitness to the next level. The goal of the Cyklopedia is to be the most insightful, most powerful, and most user-friendly tool for both your indoor and outdoor cycling workouts.

We aspire to promote cycling in every form. Not only as a mode of friendly transport but also as a sport. Join us in our endeavor to transform you into a competitive cyclist.

No matter what aspect of your fitness you want to improve,


we have a cycling training plan for that. Our structured workouts are designed by elite coaches to target everything from climbing to sprints, endurance to a base, and race simulation to overall efficiency.

Cycling Workouts is a page with free workouts with full descriptions, ready to download to your Garmin. Feel free to make adjustments to workouts depending on your level of advance and actual shape. Our goal is to make you competitive cyclist and race ready rider.

This isn’t a game, this is cutting-edge sports science. We have the best minds in the business designing our cycling workouts and creating plans for road, triathlon, cyclocross, XC mountain biking, and more. If you want results, we have the plan. All you have to do is say “Hello” to us and we’ll get started. Are you located in Chicago? Let’s go for a ride!

Cyklopedia – Cycling Coach Provides the Complete Coaching Solution


The Cyklopedia provides a complete cycling solution by enabling smart and effective endurance training. We’re athletes and coaches ourselves, and we are absolutely passionate about helping motivated individuals achieve their dreams. We are our using the best tools like Training Peaks or WKO4 to help you achieve the best results. We’re proud of the unique work environment this has created, and it’s a big part of the reason why the Cyklopedia remains outstanding.

Our focus is on individualized training programs for a cyclist. We offer services on athlete testing, custom training plans, one-on-one training and much more. No matter what is your goal, you deserve the same exceptional coaching the pros get. Whether your goal is to win your next race or lose weight, we’re here to guide, support, and inspire you. We design a personalized training program based on proven scientific principles.

Become Competitive Cyclist


We set the bar for highly personalized coaching and training program development. It’s the Cyklopedia spirit to do things the right way and deliver a service that ensures your success. There are no shortcuts with our coaching.

Our coaching principles are driven by a complex understanding of human physiology. Like any coach worth his salt, we’ve studied the standard research on training with power and heart rate. Our training plans aren’t the result of a single formula applied to everyone. Because every athlete’s physiology is unique, so is every individual training plan help you become a competitive cyclist.

When designing each plan, our goal is simple: to maximize your cycling potential in the shortest possible amount of time. Compared to traditional training plans that may require more than 15 hours per week of training, we design your cycling workouts to suit your needs. We also develop a series of intense cycling workouts and coaching that teach fundamental skills you can use to crush your cycling goals out in the real world, giving you the edge your current training has been lacking.

We can give you the tools to be strong.  We can train you to go faster.  We can help you win. Whether it’s a town line sprint with your friends or a local crit, we’ve got the tools to make you a winner.

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22 Workouts to Boost Your Performance