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How to do sprint workouts?

Many people are asking about sprint workouts.

Check this guide to master your sprints/finishes to perfection.

  1. Sprints are “must” at criteriums, track.
  2. Sprint is the most important track skill.

But how to do it?


Below you can see one of the sprint workouts. (more advanced level 2-3 experience).

Start with 10 – 20 min warm-up, in 1 zone. Maximum getting to the second zone adding some high cadence, low gear 30s – 60s intervals to pump more blood to legs.

After the warm-up, do one maximum 8s jump to finalized warm-up.

5 min easy spin (Z1).

Here we start workout so plan is to do 3 x 4 x 8s – 10s maximum jumps.

What is that mean?


So first do a set of 4 jumps by 8s with 2 min recovery between (below 100 W).

After one set, take longer “break” around 5 min, take some drink and eat something sweet.

Then do second set and third set, getting to 10s, but the third set does as long as you can hold your watts (When to stop intervals). After all do 10 – 15s easy spin.

If you doing your first sprints, start with 4 x 8s intervals and full recovery between around 2-2,5 min.

10s jumps are building your fast twitch fiber and they do not produce lactate in your muscles, you can do it whole year long.

It will help you to increase your maximum power, hold wheel during attacks, finish the last 200m during criterium or track events.

But how to do sprints?


Another important thinks is technique, it is just 10s and you need to put every single watt into pedals.

One of my tricks is to hold upper body as stiff as possible and then pull my hands up and back and push my legs down and forward straight to pedals.

There is no movement on sides just back and forward. It can take you around half season to figure out how to do it and you have to practice at least once a week get into it naturally, so be patient.

Leave a comment if you have any questions!

How to do sprint workouts in cycling

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