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Here we go with another race in Chicago Cross Cup series. Beautiful Sunday, worm, sunny and super windy, it takes me around 1h to get to Sunrise Park.

Pick my number 398, say hello to few friends and start worming up for race at 3:10. They call my name first, taking my place and waiting for all 100+ guys. Short talk with Piotr Wiktorczyk (it’s good to have Polish guy in race :)) Aidan Burkins is in first line too. Long straight from start I got to first position. After few turns I am little bit confuse and trying to take wrong turn, few guys pass me and I am in 5 place. Working hard trying to stay on wheel (wind is crazy). On first bunny hops Peter is crushing and I can just see flying bike! I am taking second position, and Aidan is leading, we got gap around 15-20 s. In one moment he is showing me to get into the front, so I want to try him and put hammer down, doing gap around 5 s, slowly he is back and staying on my wheel. He is again going into front, it is around 1,5 lap to go, in one hard turn I am laying down on ground, get up like in 2 s and just jump on my bike, but I loose contact with Aidan, it was my biggest mistake this day, and we stay on this positions to finish line. I pass finish line after 32 s behind Aidan! That guy is really fast and have perfect skills for Cyclocross. It is good to get lesson of humility from 18 years old guy :).

Good luck to everyone and see you in Campton Hills.



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