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Sven Nys Cyclocross Clinic

Sven Nys Cyklopedia

I got a chance to meet legends of Cyclocross Sven Nys and Sven Vanthourenhout.

Even better was to be a part of clinic provided by those 2 unreally skilled guys. Both multi winers in World Championships, National ChampionshipsSuperprestige and Worldcup in Cyclocross.

After 3 hours of training with them I want to summarize the most important things and show you how to get faster in Cyclocross! The truth is, it’s just few things, but most importantly is to practice as much as possible to master every one of them and get extra seconds on every turn, bump, hill, bunny hop, or downhill.

Sven Nys Cyclocross Clinic


Cyclocross racers are supposed to be flexible enough to jump off and on the bike, make some runs or just to carry the bike. Always remember about short warm-ups and light stretching before your workout and good stretching afterwards.

Jumping on and off the bike

it sounds easy but we have to remember about few things. During jumping off bike be as close of barrier as passible or do it as late as possible then put you hand on top tube (for short run) and go over barrier. Jumping back on bike it suppose to be one smooth move landing on middle of your saddle then look for your pedals and clip-in.


Take them as wide as possible so you have more speed and you can cut them better, sounds easy but you have to think about it to take way different line thank you see after previous riders. After while you will do it automatically.

Move you ass

Balance is very important, not just one the sides but back and toward too. Your ass suppose to be half inch over saddle co you can move back on fast turns to put more weight in back and move forward if it is necessary.

Check the videos with Sven Nys!

On both videos below you can find the most important skills needed in Cyclocross. I can not add much more, just want to say the athlete is the most important not the coach. For each athlete, it depends what he will do with the knowledge which he is getting from the coach so…

Practice, practice, practice!

Jumping on and off bike, gears, barriers

Bunny hops Power climbs, choosing right line,
position on bike

Sven Nys taking stairs twice during Cat 4/5 race Chicago Cross Cup #1 !!!


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