What is (Pw:Hr), Aerobic Decoupling?


Aerobic Decoupling is a ratio between Normalized Power and Heart Rate between the first and second part of your workout.

(NP1/HR1) - (NP2-HR2)/(NP1/HR1)


NP1 – Normalize Power from first half part of the workout
NP2 – Normalize Power from second half part of the workout
HR1 – Heart Rate from first half part of the workout
HR2 – Heart Rate from second half part of the workout

How to Use it?


It can be used as a “rate of fatigue”. It could be used during long aerobic workouts, long climbs or time trials. Aerobic Decoupling reflects how heart rate is reacting to our input which is power.

For the best result in tracking Pw:Hr it is good to check it during steady, below threshold workouts, going over your FTP is not the best reflection because the reaction of power and heart rate is way different timewise.

A good example can be endurance 2,5 hours workout with 1-hour tempo zone interval. Going as steady as possible, we can check the results of Pw:Hr. The goal is to be below 5%, if it is lower then 5% it is good information that our body can handle this type of effort and we can move to zone 4 workouts. If it is higher then 5%, we still should spend more time on improving our endurance and tempo zone or take a little break it can be a sign of being overloaded. If you did this type of workouts before at this period of preparation and your Aerobic Decoupling was lower then 5% it is a sign of being tired and overloaded with your training plan. Take a break!

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