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Masters Cycling

1. Implement Strength Training


With age your body is getting weaker, it is important to add an extra day of strength session to your training plan, but what exercises should you be doing?

We prepare a sample training plan for you, with different types of strength training exercises.

Remember to start with very low weight and focus on technique first, you don’t want to get injured in the beginning and not being able to even do your cycling workouts.

We add 2 extra focal points for your strength training which is balance training and core training. Both of those are mostly ignored by masters as well as younger cyclists.

2. Increase Your Recovery Time


Find the best ways to recover faster with age your recovery abilities decrease and you need to think about it when you create your training plan. Take more time off between hard training sessions, take days off and plan recovery weeks.

Masters Cycling

3. Eat Healthy


When you are young you can eat mostly anything and don’t feel consequences or not even gain weight, it is changing with time.

That’s why we have healthy recipes for you and more info about ketogenic diet as well as carb cycling diet.

4. Work on Flexibility


Your body need extra attention when you getting older and it is losing its flexibility. Find the best stretching exercises before and after cycling

5. Add Intervals to Your Training Plan


Did you know that you VO2 Max is decreasing after you are 30 years old, that is one of the reasons why you need to do more interval training, read more about VO2 max, Anaerobic, and Neuromuscular training.

Masters Cycling
Coach Damian

Coach Damian

Damian is a head coach and founder of Cyklopedia, which was created with one goal to help everyone be faster cyclists by structured training plans, healthy recipes, and nutrition plans. Damian is racing and coaching for over 10 years, working with athletes all around the world.

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