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Noticed a noisy chain or poor shifting in your bike?

It is time to make some changes!

The bike is a two-wheeled steerable machine with a chain wheel pedaled by a rider’s feet, and it is normal for your bike chain to get stretched, wear out, or get rusted to demand removal. When this happens, there are distinct ways to go about it. It’s either you make use of a specialized bike chain tool designed for this purpose or other quick tools you can find around you. This ranges from a chain breaker to a needle nose plier and hammer. It is also important to know that a bike chain can be of a master link (a removable link not fused), a regular link, or a split link and they all have slightly similar methods of removal when a fault is detected.

As a rider, it is important to take note of this particular part of your bicycle as being aware could save you a stressful and non-enjoyable ride when a fault is detected right on track or on speed. Follow these 3 main procedures below on how to remove a bike chain.

Procedure 1


The first thing you need to do is to get a chain tool/breaker, master link plier, or needle-nose plier to aid the removal. All of these require usage based on the type of link your bike chain has. A chain breaker is an essential tool that allows the splitting, shortening, removal, and joining of chains. A master link plier is used for commonly used chains with a master link.

You must have one ready for easy work.

Procedure 2


This is the point where you insert your chain tool into a pin in the link of your bike chain. The chain tool will then be turned clockwise to exact force on the center pin from the roller to make the chain go apart. It is important to be careful with the point your chain tool makes contact with because a little mistake of not being on the pin may lead to total damage to your bike chain.

For a master link bike chain, you will need to find the master link that is a link that looks different on your bike chain to work on. With the use of a master link plier, the master link in your bike chain will be positioned in between the teeth of your plier.

This way, it is easier for you to place a force on it to separate it.

For a split link, locate the split link in the chain that looks cut off in the middle. Use your needle nose plier to unscrew the metal plate on the split link and separate this from the chain link on both sides. This procedure requires care and focus to avoid your bike chain coming off completely and getting damaged.

When adequate attention is paid to the pin and the tool you are making use of, mistakes will be avoided.

Procedure 3


Now lift your bike chain out of the chain tool or master link plier to pull the link apart. At this point, the rivet is almost pushed out of the link, thus the link should be easy to separate.

After the chain has been taken off the bike, hold the chain at both sides and wiggle it until the link comes apart.

Be careful not to damage your chain link while doing this. For a master link, after the force is being exerted, squeeze the handle of the plier to close the jaw for the master link to be separated.

After these simple procedures, make sure to take your chain off of the bike to service it, and undergo a proper check or replacement if need be.

Gravel Bikes


A gravel bike is a drop-bar bike that allows riding on several surfaces, whether smooth or not. With wide tires, stable handling, and lower gearing, it’s easy to ride with confidence. They are designed for forest tracks, gravel roads, trails, bridle paths, bike packing adventures, and more. Some are made in such a way to look like mountain bikes for an easy and perfect kind of riding experience and adventure. Gravel bikes have more relaxed geometry for stability and comfort.

Now, an important question should be are there differences between women’s and men’s gravel bikes? Well, just a little bit of difference. Women gravel bikes should have shorter top tubes, women-specific saddles, and smaller brake levers. This district features help with easy and softer riding for women. But you don't need to get a female-specific gravel bike as a woman. This is strictly by choice. You may as well get a professional and standard gravel bike if that is what you want. It is totally fine. Master link chains are found in these kinds of modern bikes like gravel or adventure bikes. These kinds of bikes have distinct specifications and are designed to let you ride over different surfaces. Also, there are various gravel bikes for women with different speeds and gearing ranges. Are you still puzzled about what to look out for when purchasing one? Check this guide for gravel bikes for women for detailed instructions and features.



The bike chain is one important part of your bike that you need to take good care of and pay attention to from time to time. It’s advisable not to be nonchalant about it because it can make or mare your biking journey. With these simple outlined procedures, you now have a better idea and knowledge of how to remove a bike chain based on the chain-link type and feature. Take a time out to discover what type of link your bike chain has because this will make things easier when fixing and choosing what type of tool to make use of. Also, be sure to have a thorough check of your bike chain from time to time to avoid minor and major accidents. Have a great time fixing your bike chain.

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