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What Cycling Shoes Do You Use?


You have started cycling or you are planning to start it and you know that you will need a bike, trainers, and a training plan. And since you’re a dedicated, competitive, and ambitious cyclist you want to get the best out there of these things. Right? But when you go to the market, you get confused because there are a lot of brands, different styles, and types. Worry no more, in this blog article we will focus on the benefits of professional indoor cycling shoes to your body and to your journey as a determined cyclist who is set for winning, so you can choose the best that suits your needs and cycling goals.  

So let’s start this.

First, why indoor cycling shoes in the first place? Why can’t I just wear normal trainers or sneakers? Well, you can but that’s if you’re not so serious about cycling. If you are, then keep reading. 

Cycling shoes will help you pedal more adequately and efficiently and that’s because they are designed to attach to your bike pedals using what we call a clipless pedal system. Yeah, the name is a bit weird because they actually clip in but still their name is clip-less. So, clipless pedals are a two-part system for your bike. Part one is a small pedal with a locking mechanism, and part two is a cleat that attaches to your bike shoe. The shoes clip into the pedals, giving you a very solid connection to your bike.’ Gizmodo. Yes, you will have nice secure shoes that will help you connect to your bike and have a great bond with it if I can say so. On top of that, you will save your knee, back, spine, muscles, technically your whole body, some horrible pain, injuries, and distress that might be caused by slipping off your pedals, or shifting your bodyweight around in an awful way. 

So now, what cycling shoes should you buy? Well, by the end of this article I guarantee you, you will be able to select your best indoor cycling shoes for you. 



Peloton is a company that has a strong mission in the fitness world. They want to empower people using a combination of technology, content, and best-in-class instructors. You can consider them the leaders when it comes to indoor cycling and running tools in the fitness world. They were featured in Forbes, Men’s health, HuffPost, The New York Times, and many other reputable sites

Their cycling shoes are one of their very well-known bike accessories that you can get from their online store. Peloton shoes are super nice with a very solid and stiff sole. When you get your Peloton cycling shoes, you will receive with them, two unclipped cleats, three screws, and three plates for each shoe, and an Allen key. Yes, you will have to attach them to your shoes and make sure they’re in the perfect place that suits your riding style. 

Some of the best characteristics: High-end – Durable- fit a wide range of people’s feet shapes- for women and men- broadest ranges of sizes- have a velcro strap closure with a “quick ratchet clip” – mesh vent and a breathable upper. 

Price: $150 – link 



They promise pure comfort, low in weight, and the best performance while using their cycling shoes. And rightly so. Shimano shoes speak to pros and serious riders only, they’re high-end shoe but their prices are reasonable and for some will be shocking given the high quality they provide. 

They have different designs with vivid colors for road, triathlon, and even city touring shoes. Also, they haven’t forgotten the female cyclist, they have well-thought designs only for women. Shimano’s brand love for technology is clearly seen in their shoe designs and their features. Shimano shoe has three velcro straps for a secure fit, mesh ventilation on the upper, and glass fiber reinforced nylon soles for a lightweight feel and optimal power transfer. 

Some of the best characteristics: Reliable- tech features- Microfiber synthetic leather- External heel cup- Carbon sole/midsole- lightweight- ultra rigid sole hollow sole- wider cleats adjustments.

Price: $70- $400 

For affordable yet expensive-looking indoor cycling shoes, we advise you to choose Shimano shoes and enjoy your next ride like never before.

If you want you can have a look at their shoe designs and features here and pick the one the suits your cycling style and most importantly your feet. 



Venzo cycling shoes are award-winning shoes due to the high technology invested in them and the powerful performance they can deliver. It was made specifically to fit Peloton bike pedals but you can use them with other bikes as well. That’s because they come with removable cleats that are compatible with a wide range of pedals in the market such as all SPD, look ARC Delta, and Peloton Shimano SPD, etc. You just need to check your bike pedals and see if they’re compatible with your Venzo cleats. 

With a stiff sole and heat-insulated to reduce friction and odors, your feet will thank you for this purchase and you will love your cycling sessions even more. 

Some of the best characteristics: Quick-drying, highly-breathable mesh and synthetic upper- Textile lining with removable sock liner- Low-cut construction for a light, fast fit and feel- Flexible forefoot and a running shoe beveled heel.

Venzo men’s cycling shoes

Price: $125 – link

Venzo women’s cycling shoes

Venzo Bicycle Women's Indoor Cycling Shoes for PeletonPrice: $125 – link

If you’re looking for a comfortable and odorless indoor cycling experience, then these are the perfect shoes for you. 

P.s they are #1 in men’s cycling shoes on Amazon. 



Tommaso shoes are just another fantastic cycling shoes for men and women that suit cyclists who demand comfort and great performance. Isn’t what every professional cyclist demand? Well, Tommaso got that for you. Honestly, they have some very elegant and beautiful designs as well as highly innovative features. These shoes also come with Delta cleats and feature a durable synthetic leather and super-strong nylon X d- Knit upper for a great foot-hugging fit ever with ventilated mesh areas to keep your feet cool. 

No matter what is your riding style, the sole offers great stiffness and ideal power transfer that will level up your cycling experience. If we take for example ‘PISTA ELITE WOMEN’S ROAD SHOE’, you will see that the sole holes for the cleats are compatible with all cleats types. That’s amazing. As a cyclist, I know the struggle of finding the perfect cleats that will be compatible with your shoes and with your bike as well. 

Some of the Best characteristics: secure fit quick lace buckle- Ventilating Air Port- Reinforced toe box, top, and heel- compatibility with all cleats types- Trip velcro straps- reinforced nylon- non-skid walking strips. 

Price: $100- $125 – link



Fizik cycling shoes are exceptional and mind-blowing. There isn’t one thing the brand designers and engineers haven’t thought of. From the shape, curves, innovative tech, legit material, genius design, thoughtful structure to the diversity of colors, patterns, styles, and special editions, you will be mesmerized and you would want to have more than one pair from them. 

Let’s take for instance the Fizik Tempo PowerStrap R5. This masterpiece is one of the most comfortable shoes you will ever buy thanks to the two fat and stretchy velcro retention straps it has. They name this closure technology the Powerstrap, and indeed it is powerful. It permits the shoe to be tightened perfectly around your foot, using dual straps customized around the instep and midfoot. Also, the R5 nylon composite outsole will make your indoor cycling more effective and enjoyable and that’s because this model guarantees balanced, comfortable, and efficient rides. Plus, it is peloton-compatible; all that you need is to attach your cleats and you will be ready to embark on your professional cycling journey. 

Some of the best characteristics: asymmetrical construction- powerful and creative straps- versatile cycling shoes. 

Price: $129- $449 – link

I know I promised to make the decision-making easier for you by the end of this article, but seriously, with these models, it isn’t an easy choice at all. But you got one of the best to choose from, so whatever is your choice you won’t be wasting your money nor risking your future races.

PS. Read more about indoor cycling apps.

Coach Damian

Damian is a head coach and founder of Cyklopedia, which was created with one goal to help everyone be faster cyclists by structured training plans, healthy recipes, and nutrition plans. Damian is racing and coaching for over 10 years, working with athletes all around the world.


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