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We all have our ways of fueling our motivation and feeding our energy and enthusiasm, right? And if you have tried cycling before then you know how this low-impact exercise can be as perfect as a cardio exercise that helps you build strong muscles and impeccable heart health, and improve your mental health as well. Exciting right? Not really! 

Okay, I bet you’re thinking of all the constraints that you could face if you dare to think of cycling? I hear you! Short on time? The weather is horrible? Coronavirus restrictions? Your city or neighborhood isn’t ideal for such activity? High-risk activity? Thinking of safety? And many other concerns. 

Well, I had the same concerns and even more before I found a game-changer solution. Indoor cycling apps. Yes, you heard that right. You will grab your bike and do it inside your home. Now, all your concerns have been resolved. How? you ask? Allow me to explain to you. 

Indoor cycling apps are getting more innovative day after day, and their founders are working so hard to make sure that you have the best, most realistic, and most engaging cycling experience. You will experience a different taste of cycling with these apps and with indoor cycling. Now where to start. In this article, I will break down some of the most popular, most successful, and definitely worth trying, free and paid apps that you can choose from and start using right away. 

Before we start, if you want expert advice on which could be the best app for your unique needs and goals, you can contact me here. I will be more than happy to guide you and help you start your indoor cycling journey. 

Whenever and wherever, choose your route, and Let’s start pedaling.

1. Zwift


Zwift is an online virtual cycling app for runners, cyclists, and triathletes, that enables you to ride, train or race with other cyclists from all over the world. Since it is an app it does not include any hardware at all. I assume you already have your own bike and your bike trainer. If you don’t, it’s never too late to do so.  

This app offers flexible workouts, build-your-own workouts plans, data-driven performance, and competitive features. You will experience some fun moments and enjoy significant results as well while trying this app. 

What do you need:


  1. A bike
  2. Bike trainer 
  3. Tablet, or pc, or smartphone, or Apple TV. Depends on what’s available in your home. 
  4. Connect your app to your chosen device 
  5. Choose your ride and hit start

Cost: $15/month

The best part about Zwift is you can do it the way you want; alone, or with other cyclists like you. They call themselves Zwifters, and they encourage and motivate each other to get faster and reach their cycling goals. 

If you’re looking for more details on how to ride using this app, visit this page and you will uncover all the Zwifts secrets

2. Rouvy


They claim to be #1 in realistic stimulation; you will feel as if you are riding in Cape Naturaliste in the UK, or Passo Sella in Italy, and many other fascinating virtual, high definition video routes, and locations while you’re in the comfort of your own home. The experience will make your mind and body travel in a matter of minutes and get back with all freshness and energy. 

Augmented routes, virtual routes, official races, structured workouts, Data sync and analytics, and lots of motivation and fun are all amazing features that you can find on Rouvy. All the fun and excitement are waiting for you on their app and website. Check here. 

What do you need:


  1. Device/Monitor: Windows, Mac, Apple TV, phone, or tablet.
  2. Your favorite bike. 
  3. TRAINER: smart bike, direct-drive, or wheel-on trainer.
  4. Connect your app 
  5. And happy ride 

Cost: $12/month 

With more than 4000 different routes, and +7000 workouts you will certainly be faster for your next race. 

3. TrainerRoud


If you’re a goal-oriented cyclist who cares about results more than having fun workouts then this app has got everything you need as a professional cyclist. They tailored science-based structured training to your unique needs and provide you with analysis tools to help you improve your performance giving you the most effective training system and formula. 

This app however is more about those who take their indoor cycling seriously; it focuses on your final target and where do you want to be by the end of your training sessions. 

It doesn’t have any pleasant virtual route and locations but you can get your training sessions done with a group of other cyclists, challenging and encouraging each other to get the daily goal ticked. 

What do you need: 


  1. A device: iOS/Android/Mac/Windows
  2. Your lovely bike 
  3. Seriousness and dedication, I bet you already got. You are a cyclist, aren’t you!  

Cost: $19,95 

What do you think? Is it what you’re looking for? If yes, click here and start your journey today.   

4. Bkool


We come now to Bakool, our fourth app on the list. This app promises all the cycling outdoor feelings and benefits and much more. They offer so real experiences built around real routes, hill climbs, and tangible results. Their simulators aim at meetings your needs and goals at your own pace and desire. You can even create your own route and upload it to their simulators and enjoy the ride. 

If you look at all those beautiful locations they have to offer, you will get a feeling of cycling the world’s most beautiful places in your training sessions. It feels like winning a plane ticket each time you pick your next route. The locations they offer are so real and motivating. 

What do you need:


  1. A smart bike, or trainer./ Fitness bike or Trainer + sensor. 
  2. Download their app (OSX, Windows, iPad, Android) 
  3. Pair your equipements 
  4. Choose your route 
  5. Hit start 
  6. Enjoy the ride

Cost: $9,99

With this app, you will enjoy indoor riding, get great results, and you will love cycling even more. Want to know more about this amazing indoor cycling app, click here.  

5. FulGaz 


FulGaz believes when you’re riding inside only the best experience will do. That’s why they perfect their app to boost ride sensations by altering resistance on your smart turbo trainer, along with high-definition videos of real races. You will find your body leaning, racing, and moving as if you’re in the real world. That’s how natural the experience they offer is. 

FulGaz has a variety of global videos (over 250) and offers different riding modes; steady, reactive, and challenge. They make sure your experience is smooth and enjoyable by providing the capability to add a workout of your choice to a course or select a workout from the workout library they have. Also, they have virtual riders that you can compete with to level up your performance and strengthen your body. 

What do you need:


  1. IOS device 
  2. Your bike 
  3. Download the app 
  4. Connect and enjoy pro and engaging races.

Cost: $12,99 

Try FulGaz, train like never before, and get faster in your next race.

Coach Damian

Damian is a head coach and founder of Cyklopedia, which was created with one goal to help everyone be faster cyclists by structured training plans, healthy recipes, and nutrition plans. Damian is racing and coaching for over 10 years, working with athletes all around the world.


  • Avatar Sandy says:

    For me, Rouvy wins. I really love the augmented reality routes and it was very helpful in the training for my ironman performance at Mallorca. I could actually ride parts of the route and better prepare for the climbs. This year, they offer a new family subscription plan and if you get a group of 5 users, you have Rouvy for 6.59 EUR / month, which is indeed a great deal for what they offer.

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