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Spinach pasta with chicken ingredients

Spinach Pasta with Chicken

Serves 1 // 15-20 minutes.


  • 100g spinach pasta
  • 150g chicken breast
  • 30g feta cheese
  • 20g arugula
  • 15g pistachios
  • 15 ml of olive oil
Spinach pasta with chicken and pistachio


  1. Cut chicken breast into pieces and marinate it in chili, salt, and pepper. Put it into a
    fridge for 15 minutes. After that, grill chicken with 5 ml olive oil until it is ready (about
    7 minutes).
  2. Boil pasta according to the recipe from a package.
  3. Cut the feta cheese into cubes.
  4. Crush pistachio and combine it with olive oil.
  5. Drain pasta and put it on a plate.
  6. Add chicken, arugula and feta cheese.
  7. Pour pistachio’s dressing over the top.
Spinach pasta with chicken preparation

Nutrition Facts (per serving):

  • Kcal: 780
  • Protein: 49,4g
  • Carbohydrates: 82,8g
  • Fats: 29,3g
  • Fiber: 4,5g
  • Na: 1279.25 mg
  • K: 850.4 mg
  • Ca: 143 mg
  • P: 577.15 mg
  • Mg: 107.6 mg
  • Fe: 2.64 mg
  • Zn:1.89 mg
  • Vit A: 38.3 ug
  • Vit D: 0.1 ug
  • Vit E: 2.91 mg
  • Vit B1: 0.34 mg
  • Vit B2: 0.33 mg
  • Vit B6: 0.86 mg
  • Vit B12: 0.66 ug

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Spinach pasta with chicken ready to eat!
Coach Damian

Coach Damian

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